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Reckon Player 2.2.0 2011 Titanium R2 Portable

Автор: BoguMir
13-09-2011, 00:12
Reckon Player 2.2.0 2011 Titanium R2 Portable

Reckon Player - является чрезвычайно мощным проигрывателем мультимедийных файлов всех типов. Представьте себе проигрыватель, который воспроизводит практически хоть какой формат, обладает массой бесплатных инструментов, таковых как диктофон, конвертер форматов, имеет несколько видео-режимов воспроизведения и многое другое. RMP - лучший плеер нового поколения.

Reckon Player is a complete yet very powerful media player for everyone. Imagine a player that plays almost every format, posesses tons of free tools such as sound recorder, converters, multiple video playing mode and more in its consequent development. RMP the best player for the next generation.

Here are some key features of "Reckon Player (formerly Odadee Player)":

· Quick Open File
· Open Folder and play contents
· Open and stream from a URL (internet link or network path)
· Add folder to library Adding folder or by Searching disks
· Save current playback to selected disk (Save As)
· Allow searching within Media Library and Play list
· Configuring Default Paths to save your Play lists, Bookmarks, Lyrics & Sound Effects
· Backing up or restoring you Media Library
· View Play history
· Swapping Window On top of other windows and vice-versa
· Allow you to swap its main Tabs at your own convenience
· Minimize to tray
· Provide you with total information of Media File
· Bookmark and apply/manage your Bookmarks anytime
· Save Play lists internally or externally
· Merge Play lists
· Categorize your Media Library
· Edit Mp3 Tags
· Add Album Cover Arts
· Launch as different copies (instancing) based on your preference
· Loop a selected part of a track's sequence using the A-B FX
· Auto save last played selection
· Allow you to set its Transparency
· Allow you to Control its Playback speed and Balance
· Allow you to Control its After-playback behaviors, such as: shutting down, play & remove, quitting player after last or current track and so on.
· Allow you to Control its Drag and Drop behaviors
· Allow you to manage its File Association easily
· Select and use from a variety of Skins
· Launch installed third party RMP Add-ins
· Allow you to browse from its inbuilt Browser
· Allow manipulation of Extra Volume channels
· Book marking - (Save a current position of your current playback and apply it when ready to continue)
· FM DJ Interlude Style - (Apply available installed sound effects to you current playback like an FM D-Jay)
· Multiple Screen Mode - (Play double videos in two separate screens)
· Sound Recorder - (Record sound to a mind blowing quality)
· Screen Capture - (Snapshot your entire desktop and save to file)
· MP3 Merger - (Merge multiple mp3's into one single mp3 file)
· Lyrics Viewer - (Save lyrics of your favorite music, run it and read as you listen to the music)
· Album Cover Art Finder- (With a secure internet connection, search for any Album Cover Art with just a mouse-click)
· Lyric Finder - (With a secure internet connection, search for any Lyric of a song with just a mouse-click)
· Play list Auto Swapper and much more - (List your several play lists and have the player automatically swap and play them all for you.)
· Media Converter - (Enables you to convert your audio and video files from one format to the other)
· Free Previews - (Watch music videos, short movies and listen to music from international and local source via Softreckon® Entertainment Network - SEN)

Свойство программы:
Название программы и Версия: Reckon Player 2.2.0 2011 Titanium R2 Portable
Операционная система: Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/7
Год выхода: 2011
Язык интерфейса: Русский, Англиский
Лекарство: Присутствует
Размер файла: 123,76mb
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Слить Reckon Player 2.2.0 2011 Titanium R2 Portable
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